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Title: Social Responsibility
Post by: Edhelur on December 08, 2010, 05:37:45 AM
So.... who should be responsible for what?

I thought of this regarding the 'social safety net' that some Western European *cough*socialist*cough* states have, and how it works (or doesn't). There, it's the responsibility of the government to care for their citizens. Then I thought of the rhetoric that got tossed around when Obama's health care bill was about to be passed, about "rationing health care" and "free choice" and "free market". If you pay much attention to American politics, the 'social safety net' is definitely not supposed to be the responsibility of the "overreaching" and "ever-expanding" government -- it's supposed to be in the hands of private firms who pretty much own the government anyway.

So, who is responsible for health care? For school? For elder care? For pre-school? For homeless shelters? -- and moreover, who should be? is it possible to provide adequate services in a free market environment (assuming the lack of near-monopolies that exist today)? Is legislation necessary to provide these services?

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Title: Re: Social Responsibility
Post by: Bacchus on December 08, 2010, 01:15:01 PM
A healthcare system with a free market is bound to fail. A free market strives for financial growth, and where healthcare is concerned this financial growth is bound to go at the cost of the care provided. Just look at the insurance companies in the US, and all the incidents there. But yeah, as eddy mentioned, its probable that the private firms in the US have (to use a dutch expression) a good finger in the porridge of the US government.

I feel that the level of civilization of a country can be measured by the way a country takes care of the weak. A civilized government just cannot say that the weak (elderly, sick, children, homeless) have to fend for themselves. To me this is not a socialist point of view.
Title: Re: Social Responsibility
Post by: vega1 on December 14, 2010, 07:34:18 PM
I feel that the level of civilization of a country can be measured by the way a country takes care of the weak.
I believe Michael Moore made that same statement at the end of the movie "Sicko".

I am not smart enough to know how to implement it effectively but in my opinion private pharmaceutical companies are one of the main problems with todays situation. For two primary reasons:
- This creates the situation where people with terminal diseases or illnesses cannot get treatment that would save them because it is too expensive or they can't pay.
- Pharmaceutical companies spend research resources on what makes them money not what is important. How many resources are spent every year researching solutions to make you hard, remove wrinkles, or help you sleep instead of curing cancer or Alzheimers.