Dreams v2.x - Trippin' Nocturnally

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Author Topic: Dreams v2.x - Trippin' Nocturnally  (Read 1382 times)


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Dreams v2.x - Trippin' Nocturnally
« on: August 13, 2009, 05:47:02 PM »

A thread, you see, about dreams. And a copy and paste from another thread for the first post--or the majority of it anyway.

I just had the weirdest f**king dream:

Everything started out pretty normal, if a bit skewed. I had showed up at work for second shift, the night shift, and it was already dark, but that may well be because I was already there for a while. At some point I step outside for a break. Things are still pretty normal. I am standing outside alone, we have no customers and my coworkers are inside. Then things go slightly odd.

I watch as a slow-moving streak of light, moves diagonally to impact off in the woods some miles away. Perhaps a meteorite, I thought and shrugged. Then things started flowing up out of it, it was no regular explosion, indeed there was only a slight one from the impact. These were like clouds of pixels floating up into the air and off into the night. I know what I am thinking, OK, now that was a bit off. Had things ended there I could just strike it off to being odd. They did not.

A coworker comes out after it has all finished and I go to tell her about it, but then I see another coming so I just point it out to her. We watch as it slants off into the forest and impacts, but that is as far as that goes, because something different is approaching. You can hear it first, the sound of festive music that is not quite right. Then they appear and the music is all the louder, much more clear. Floats, parade floats, except they are all worn and damaged and rotting. In the background is Christmas music, except it is high-pitched and sped up. I, the person in my dream, watches this parade with an odd fascination. This is weird, but it is wholly different. My coworker does the same, not quite sure what to do. I, as a watcher in this dream, view it with that same sort of odd fascination, but there is that sense of dread as well. And still, there is more to come.

Customers start to pull up, my coworker and I are still watching. Some stop and watch with us, but more go into the store to get what they want. More lights come flying through the sky, each one arcing down towards the forest some miles off. There are no close impacts and I am thankful for that. Now lights are spinning off in all directions and they are not weird ones either. There are green stars pinwheeling across the sky as if they were a special form of fireworks. Indeed, that is why the customers have stopped, they think someone has unleashed some sort of fireworks show. There are little blooms of light in the air, the sort you'd see in a fireworks show, but there are others, too. Long red lines of furry light arc upwards, the stars continue to roll off into the night, though in different colors, and other lights spiral around in awe-inspiriting patterns. Over all this the music still plays.

Then there is a another, but this one is different. This is not wholly light, it peters out before it ever hits the ground. It does not take us long to figure out why as something comes flying through the sky, red lasers firing at nothing. "My God, that's a spaceship," someone mutters and we all watch with our mouths agape. This, this is harmless, it is not really close to us and is not firing at us.

More come. Some close enough to tell what they look like. They are brownish, perhaps a tan color, and they are shaped like an elongated box. They are fast and agile, as we watch one change direction by a simple, quick, and acute somersault before turning and firing in our direction. Laser strikes hit the ground and the front of the store. Most of the customers who were standing with us there start rushing inside. My coworker quickly follows. I, for whatever reason, have remained there to watch. I am, after all, a smaller target than the group. Or so I can only reason.

There are more lights rushing across the sky, the ghastly parade is still moving slowly along playing its disturbing music, and the ships still fly, but now things are changing. A bright light flashes with a bit of a boom around the side of the store. We look on, waiting to see what this new thing is, but instead we see luminous yellow-brown gas boiling up and spreading outward. Those customers head into the store as quick as possible and I reluctantly follow.

There is chaos inside. I look towards the beer and there is someone in the arms of a coworker, hanging from the cooler appears to be some sort of monster. It is brown and large, reminiscent to The Bug from Men In Black, and it is dead. I can only assume someone killed it. "Shh, shh, it's OK, it is dead," I can hear my coworker saying over and over again as she holds the man, rocking him back and forth. No, everything is not OK, the me in my dream knows this. In fact, it is far from OK.

I lock the doors to the store. "Alright, everyone, into the cooler!" I yell. The cooler being shielded from view from the outside and easy enough to escape if in a jam. It is, I reason, far better than standing around in plain sight or running outside. Some brave soul makes The Bug disappear. I open the cooler and the front portion is about chest high filled with empty boxes. This is, in fact, impossible unless we bring in more boxes from outside the store, but hey, the oddness is rampant. I am annoyed by this, but we haven't the time to move them. It will slow our movement to the other side, but it will also slow the movement of anything that seeks to get at us. Perhaps then, this is a boon in disguise.

The dream ends with us all in the back of the cooler. I watch the store through one of the glass doors and there is something, someone there. I can remember only an odd cigarette that appears to have a panther claw separating the filter and grasping the cigarette proper. That and a pair of eyes as they stare back at me.

End Dream.

Post yours.


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Re: Dreams v2.x - Trippin' Nocturnally
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2009, 06:15:55 PM »

I am lucky enough to say that I am rarely in my dreams. They involve other people and I am, if anything, either the narrator or the cameraman; perhaps a spectral viewer. I find this preferable to those uncommon dreams where I am stuck wandering around a blend of my two high schools wondering where my classes are and if I am late. This, four years after graduating and seven since I went to the school that is primary for the blend. No, I do not find these dreams enjoyable and I am quick to classify them as nightmares--there is no fun at all in being stressed out in your sleep. Of course, beyond those two I do have the occasional dream involving sex, which always includes marriage into the mix.

But those dreams are all boring, right? You want to know about the other dreams, the ones that I am not a part of. Of course you do, I said so. To tell the truth, to describe these dreams accurately would triple or quadruple the size of my initial post. I can probably sum them up in a sentence or two, but for the sake of space I will only do the two that I remember really well.

1) Character wakes up to find his house on fire around him. Oddly, the flames do not harm him and he can breath fine. He gets out of bed and the fire is too strong to fight, so he leaves his house, which is part of a small school (this is in the middle of nowhere) as quickly as possible. He bursts from the front door right as the school house falls down to find the townspeople standing around watching him. Some have buckets in their hand from trying to extinguish the fire. They all stare at him with gaping mouths. It does not last for long. This man has survived a fire that should have consumed him. The townspeople start muttering amongst themselves: Witch! Someone throws a stone in his direction. He is barely dressed, his clothes tattered and burned, and he runs away. Away from the now-mob and the town he called home.

After escaping them he wanders for days until he is found by a column of soldiery, who, in need of fodder, press him into service. The next I see him he is standing on the front lines, the 'enemy' stands across the field from him with weapons, proper weapons. Through his confusion he feels anger, because he has nothing more than rags that were slightly better than the ones he left town in and a sharpened stick. His anger grows because he knows he is about to die in the service of an army that he is not really a part of, fighting for or against a cause he knows nothing about, and, above that, they don't even bother to equip him so that he has a chance. The call sounds to charge and his anger only grows as he runs along, but he realizes that it is not for the people he goes against, but for the people who have done this to him. He turns as his mind goes, and stands against the time, in the midst of the rushing fodder. Soldiers follow behind them, the men who pressed him into this, and his mind finally snaps as fires rush to engulf him.

The fires form the shape of a dragon and he himself floats in the midst of its killing bulk, mindless and unknowing as it slaughters the people who put him into such a predicament. As more and more soldiers from both sides press in the dragon jumps into the air as if to take flight. The next scene has the character falling down into a pile of straw, his clothes smoking once again. He is confused and does not know where he is or how he got there.

Soldiers from the other side find him and take him in to their leaders. He learns that they are a revolutionary force, meant to take down the King of the land, who had gone quite clearly insane. They know what he is as well, they tell him that he is indeed a dragon. Not the sort from old, but more of an elemental spirit. It is uncontrollable, they tell him, try and do so and it will break your mind completely. Which, they say, is why the king went insane, he is also one of them and tried his best to control it. Not only that, but they too are Dragons, though not all of fire.

The dream ends when they ask him to join them.

2) Hell with it, this post is too long.


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Re: Dreams v2.x - Trippin' Nocturnally
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2009, 07:52:52 PM »

Used to have a recurring dream, haven't had it in a few years now.... Not so much surreal as extremely vivid and detailed.

I'm in the uniform of a Napoleonic soldier (I looked it up and found it when the dream was recurring more regularly). I'm running, scared out of my wits. I carrying numerous small packs and bags that are banging against me as I run, and I have my rifle in my hands. I am running through semi-dense woods, and I can see others running with me, but we're all spread out. We're apparently in a full and disorganized retreat. Its cold and misty with a light dusting of snow in the ground. I can see about 40 feet or so before the fog/mist. All I can hear is my own footsteps on the ground crunching through the leaves and snow and my heavy breathing as I run. This goes on for a few minutes as I get more and more tired and run more slowly, all I'm thinking is that "I need to keep running". I'm running up and down ravines and hillocks. After a time I can't see anyone else running any longer, I appear to be alone. Then a shot rings out behind me and after a couple seconds I;m hit in the back and fall face first into the ground. This is always when I'd wake up (usually violently), right as impact between my face and the ground happened.

My Mother (who likes to envision that there is reincarnation) always believed that this is who I was in a previous life and thats how I died. Who knows, maybe it was just indigestion.
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Re: Dreams v2.x - Trippin' Nocturnally
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2009, 08:00:10 PM »

at least you broke it up into paragraphs...

Hmm, I don't often remember my dreams. For a long time, I was taking a sleep med too, so that didn't really help. My strongest memories of dreams are actually from my childhood.

The first one, I had at one of my friend's sleepover birthday parties, I think she was turning 4 (and I was the same age). I don't remember it terribly clearly, plot-line and all, but I remember some images......
I was at another friend's house. Her place had stairs to a second story porch thing, not a door into the downstairs, and her family was standing on the stairs with me. This was one of those semi-first-person dreams, where you're both in it (I could feel my heart beating fast with fear) and watching from outside. The spider -- a great big one, about two feet tall -- had been chasing us, and we thought we'd lost it, but suddenly it glides down from the awning above us on sticky silk. It -- he really -- laughs in a dually 'evil/charming' way, and starts saying "Good/bad/good/badgoodbadgoodbad" almost faster than comprehension. My friend's father yells "RUNN!" just as his feet start to.. unravel. We see him unravel, like the Carpet in Disney's Aladdin, just back-and-forth unweaving as the spider continues chanting.. 'goodbadgoodbadgoodbad'... and we run. Her mother collapses and unweaves next, writhing on their driveway and dissolving into thread-like stuff...
My friend unwove last, and I barely escaped by running around the corner at the end of the street, and waking up...

Had that dream/nightmare for four nights in a row, and I think it really impacted my black/white conception of the world. I have trouble with seeing the 'shades of grey' in myself, although an easy time doing so with other people....

weird, huh?

(there was also one major dream that involved my sister and myself swimming and chasing Gollum, for some reason, when I was older, but I don't remember it terribly clearly...)
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Re: Dreams v2.x - Trippin' Nocturnally
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2009, 03:30:14 AM »

I have what is apparently called "Associative Dreaming", which basically means that when I'm having a dream and somethings happens, my mind switches the dream to anything I assosciate with what pops into my head. Hahaha, that makes little sense. Here's an example: Just say I'm dreaming about driving past a house that looks like the house I grew up in, my dream will suddenly switch to me standing in my house. Then by being in my childhood house, I think of my childhood toys and the dream will shift to focus on the toys. Most of time my dreams have an overall theme, but it's never clear what it is. Most commonly I dream about comic-related things, but I figure that is due to my reading comics before I go to bed.

I used to have recurring dream where I was in a service station near where I used to live, which would be wiped out by an big wave of lava. I'd always wake up after the wave hit. Haven't had it in ages.

I have experienced some level of dream control before, though apparently if you can control your dreams, you're actually not sleeping properly.
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Re: Dreams v2.x - Trippin' Nocturnally
« Reply #5 on: August 30, 2009, 03:45:18 PM »

Have read this topic before, but haven't posted. Mainly to do with the fact that the dreams I am fortunate enough to have, slip beyond me by the time I reach the bathroom. This happens about 90% of the time. So, I'm working with a small margin of success. This has little to do with my memory, per se, nor will I hear any negative comments about my memory! which is fantastic, thank you. :P I think it's partly to do with how I wake up, and how sharply I haul myself away from dreamland. But anyway, I shall cut to the point...

Of recent times, my subconscious has taken to f**king with me, and has decided to pick my two little puppies as targets. Today was such a day. This dream wasn't as awful as a previous one I had concerning them (where at least one of them died), but in a way it was worse. They didn't die, but they were on the cusp of it. And I don't how, but they'd definitely been breeding, because there was more of them than they now are.

In my dream, they were a truly sick, drunken mess of dogs, barely able to walk. This is all the worse to witness, as it's so different than how they normally are. I swear, I have two of the most hyped up dogs, ever. Fitting for my family, I guess. But in my dream they were anything but. And there was vomit everywhere and other disgusting liquids. And...yeah, my recollection isn't good enough for me to go into more details. It was more than a little distressing.

I wish my mind would pick better ways to convince me to play with them more or take better care of them...or some shit.


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Re: Dreams v2.x - Trippin' Nocturnally
« Reply #6 on: March 20, 2011, 06:24:50 AM »


Had a dream this morning that was quite weird. I may have already established in one of my previous posts that I rarely feature in my dreams, but I am not going back to read them. I woke early this morning and just wanted to tell someone about it, but since Mal was asleep and it was a Saturday morning... well, that wasn't likely to happen. Instead, I opened up the notepad on my computer and started typing it up in a list format, which is what I am posting now. I attempt to just point out the facts of my dream without too much outside influence from myself, but I do make some notes along the way... such as a potential link to another dream that I don't remember having, but can, even now, hours after waking, put together.

- Group of (college?) kids in a hotel--in another state--partying. Three guys, three girls.
- Point of view not myself.
- POV has new phone, dominates interest, doesn't want to mess with it until he gets back home.
- Reason for being out of state not explored.
- Drugs involved--not taken in dream, but present. Explicitly stated: Crack. Another in the shape of a button, hard… subconscious take on Peyote? No other drugs make an appearance.
- Two other males leave early, live  out of country. New Zealand? I think.
- Two females disappear. Will return later.
- Female in room with POV unattractive. Uses laptop to surf for lesbian granny porn, especially those featuring pierced nipples. POV disturbed by this.
- Female in room threatens to masturbate. POV disturbed even more by this.
- Shift. Female in room no longer at computer. Increasingly agitated. Fidgety. She begins to pack.
- Female in room attacks POV. Unarmed.
- POV fends her off briefly. Female  somehow has large kitchen knife.
- POV fends her off barely. Second female appears. Female turns her attention on her.
- With help from second female, POV, who somehow has a large knife, manages to hack the head off female number one.
- POV manages a sigh of relief. Second female gasps a few breaths.
- Second female glares at POV. Attacks. Blonde, shoulder length hair. Strangely strong.
- SF tangles with POV. Eventually finds knife.
- POV is cut on the arm.
- POV manages to get the knife away from her.
- SF says something along the lines of "That's OK, that's why I never leave home without this," as she pulls out a small handgun from purse (pink).
- Too close for a proper shot.
- POV able to grab wrist.
- Several shots go off, none hitting POV.
- POV manages to twist her hand so that the gun is aimed at SF.
- Trigger pulled. SF shot in the head. Goes down in a heap.
- Third female enters room with older man.
- Older man's eyes go wide, third female attempts to attack him.
- TF pulls out… a smaller hacksaw. Attempts to saw at his neck.
- Is shot by POV.
- Older man is apparently a cop.
- POV goes black.

- POV wakes up in a bustling room.
- A cute Asian girl talks to him about a few things. She makes little sense.
- CAG points out a journal entry, says it helps her if she writes in her journal. Tells POV to read it.
- POV notes horrible spelling and bad sentence structure. The passage makes no sense.
- POV is nice through it all, though confused. CAG gives him her number, tells him to call her.
- POV is reminded of school.
- Doctor appears. POV realizes this is a mental hospital.
- Shift.
- POV is on a bus driving down a dusty dirt road. Fields and old wooden fences are to either side of him.
- POV has knees up against the back of the seat in front of him. Notices a pack next to him.
- The phone flashes in his mind. He remembers wanting to really mess with it when he got home.
- He pulls the pack to him. Hopes that the phone will be included.
- Also remembers having drugs (buttons) on him at the time.
- Phone at bottom of pack, wrapped up in a dark purple sealed bag.
- Removes phone from the pack. Smiles.
- Activates the camera. Looks at the screen.
- Sees the inside of a building, old and wooden, still in use.
- Sees bodies tucked into barrels.
- Eyes wide. Shakes his head.
- Shift.
- POV is back home.
- Talks to father.
- "We tried to bring you home, but you weren't ready. Nothing stuck."
- "I hope it does this time."
- "We all do, son."
- Shift.
- POV watches TV
- TV show attempts to hunt down a huge lizard that allegedly lives in swamp nearby.
- Father jokes about trying to hunt it down themselves.
- POV laughs. Asks why not.
- Shift.
- POV in swam. At night. Alone.
- Father elsewhere in swamp. Connected via radio.
- POV sees the world in a filter.
- The world is a darker blue, animals show up in red.
- POV nearly stumbles over a smaller Komodo Dragon type lizard. Thinks this is what the show was hunting for.
- Radios father to let him know.
- Dragon does not show up in red.
- POV hears sounds. Not loud. Just different.
- POV looks around.
- A lizard… more reminiscent of a raptor, lopes through the swamp quietly.
- POV follows.
- "I… I think I found it."
- Flexible spines grow from the back and neck of the creature.
- Front legs longer than raptor.
- Pays no attention to POV.
- Possibly seeing things?
- POV goes black.

- POV wakes.
- Talks to bald man with muscular build. Short.
- "…tried to help you before." POV says.
- "Yeah, but she failed. We found nothing." Man replies.
- "I can help."  POV
- BM turns away, apparently declining.
- What is this referring to?
- Have déjà vu. Seem to remember the dream it refers to. Else can construct it.
- Shift.
- Beach. White sand.
- BM excavating around a building built on the beach…
- Large dunes of sand piled up around excavation site.
- People looking on from inside screened in porch. POV there.
- Something happens. Tide? Large wave?
- Excavation team runs for screened in porch.
- People on porch scream.
- Young woman with team. Out of place.
- POV starts running down porch.
- Stops short.
- Turns around.
- Punches through the screen to pull BM inside.
- Sand piles hit by wave. Topple against porch. Would have buried BM.
- "You saved me."
- POV nods.
- "Still need help?" POV
- Young woman nowhere to be seen. Possibly buried by sand.
- No one dead. Just buried in sand. People from porch rush out to help.
- "Seems so."
- Shift.
- BM is looking for a werewolf.
- First attempt failed (previous dream?)
- Strangely, there is a basement under the building on the beach.
- A little water covers the floor. Also, sand.
- "Nothing down here," says another man.
- There doesn't appear to be anything there.
- POV can't see anything either.
- POV feels something down there.
- POV shushes people. Points.
- At nothing.
- They get closer to the back wall. Where POV pointed toward.
- POV stares intently at one spot.
- The sand on the floor is scraped to one side, as if something spread its legs.
- "That's right, I know you're there." POV says.
- POV points to ground that was clear a moment before.
- Men back away.
- POV taunts the space.
- It attacks.
- POV fights it. Seeing brief glimpses.
- Werewolf has a large head and muscular torso. Legs diminutive. Short, but strong. Forearms small as well, weaker than legs.
- The werewolf takes its prey by jumping or leaping.
- It does the same with POV.
- POV catches it aside the head with his fist.
- POV attempts to hold it off. Avoid the biting maw and claws.
- Men only see POV fighting nothing.
- They see the sand scraped away as POV knocks it to the ground.
- It is real. Invisible.
- POV manages to break its neck.
- Werewolf becomes visible.
- Old man who owns building falls to his ass. Shocked.
- "My god, it's real."
- POV falls to his ass, too. Exhausted.
- Bald Man smiles wide. His claims proven.
- The werewolf, black fur and short limbs and large teeth, lies dead for all to see.

Wake up.

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Re: Dreams v2.x - Trippin' Nocturnally
« Reply #7 on: March 20, 2011, 12:17:37 PM »

sounds like you're on acid james
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